The session was very professional, well run and well planned.  I would certainly be interested in the next event.  I appreciate the time you spent, Mario, helping me with specific sales situations.  Please keep me posted on upcoming events as well as your overall well being.  I appreciate your enthusiasm and eagerness to help and encourage us newcomers to the world of sales.  Please keep in touch. J.E., Coachella, CA

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job keeping our attention, teaching us and helping us hone our sales skills.  It truly takes a special person to be able to keep a group’s interest for 3 days while continuing to make it interesting.  It was pleasure to meet you and learn from you.  R.W., Coppell, TX

I have modified our presentation here to one that is more visually stimulating.  It caused me to learn more about our different affiliations and how those affiliations separate us from other builders in our market.  I have a lot more confidence when I am speaking with clients.  I feel like I belong.  I am the expert!  R.G.,  Shreveport, LA
Hi, I’m Mario Rossetti. I have been in business over thirty-five years as a business owner, business consultant and as a Director, Sales and Marketing for international companies. I have achieved to the highest levels in these positions and always rose to the top of the commission list. I have personally written articles for trade magazines and organizations, conducted sales training seminars for hundreds of business owners and thousands of sales people and sales managers around the world. During these experiences I learned several key fundamental concepts that will help businesses and individuals achieve greater sales success; not formulas or gimmicks that are so common among some popular sales gurus.  In fact, I will tell you that becoming a satisfaction driven company or a professional sales person takes hard work.  With a little effort however, and with these proven concepts, I would like to help you and your business grow and prosper.

It’s OK if you smile while you read this. I don’t mind. I know that you have heard all of this before from others. So have I. I have read and listened to those who offer the newest formulas for ‘winning’ at sales. I too have learned the various closing techniques that have been designed to make others do what they normally might not do in order to make the salesperson more money. If you have grown tired of these abusive ‘techniques’, please invest a few minutes of your time to explore this site.

I am interested in helping you achieve positive results for your business or personal sales efforts. Value-based results. Results that last. Results that will work regardless of the product. Results that supersede the so-called easy formulas or books describing methods of how to sell everything to everybody, every time.

So smile on. It’s OK, as long as you give my message consideration. It is my intention to turn that smile into interest. That interest into success. That success back into a smile.  In fact, I guarantee it!

Thank you for the investment of your time and your consideration. © 2008