What is value-based sales training?
A word to the business owner/manager.
‘Value-Based’ sales training is a term that we coined to explain a value driven, ‘common sense’ approach to sales. We believe that it is the perception of value that motivates and sells; not price, closing techniques or even your products and services by themselves.

‘Are your prospects telling you that your price is too high? Are you being told that your prospect needs time to “think it over”?  Is your sales team success ratio not what it could or should be? If you are experiencing any of these problems, you probably have a problem with value. Value-Based sales training is designed to help you overcome these and other difficult sales challenges.

Why is value vs price so important to understand?

Pricing seems to continue as a major topic in our marketplaces. You have probably heard it or even thought it yourself; “the competition is so severe here that we just can’t sell our products and services for a reasonable price. We will have to lower our price – again”. If this is happening to you, your problem is not with price. I say again, your problem is not with price. The real problem is a lack of understanding of value and the role it plays within the sale process. We will help your sales team understand value, succeed and prosper while making you more profitable.

What is the role of the salesperson?

If you still believe that the role of the salesperson is simply to sell, sell, sell; you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Let your competitors try to do that. It won’t work for them any better than it works for you. Learn the real role of the professional salesperson. It may surprise you. Then again. . .

Your most important business asset is people; especially salespeople.  Salespeople create wealth and the opportunity for business success.  They may not be taken for granted if you wish to succeed on a long-term basis.  They must first succeed in order for you to succeed.  Care must be always be taken to recruit, hire and retain the best salespeople.  Always.  Failure to understand and to become proactive on this one issue may be the single most common reason for business failure in America

Training Overview

The care, protection and training of your most important business asset should never be left to a book, a random selection of training manuals or the untrained sales manager. Your sales team should be nurtured, developed and sustained with the most professional training available. Any less also means less for your business. Think about it. Sales training must be individualized, as much as possible, to meet the needs of your company. It must be planned, valuable, and helpful; and as with all education it must also be repetitive. We will exceed your training expectations. Guaranteed!!

Thank you so much for everything you shared with us during your presentation at the beginning of the month. I learned more valuable information in your 3 day course versus my 5 years in the industry. PJP, Texas

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