Becoming a satisfaction-driven company  
Defining the roles of the successful sales manager.
In order to become a dedicated, satisfaction-driven company all departments must be in sync and moving in the same direction toward a common goal.  This means that excellent communications must be established and department mission statements and focus must be commonly directed.

Train to Retain.

Retention should always be a primary concern for the business owner. Turnover is one of the largest and most destructive ‘hidden’ expenses that any business will face. Simply stating in management meetings that retention is important is not enough. You must consistently demonstrate your willingness and success in retaining those whose job it is to increase the company’s income.

Selling high.

The National Federation of Independent Business' Education Foundation analyzes a survey of 36,000 households each year for the Wells Fargo/NFIB Series on Business Starts and Stops. The NFIB estimates that over the lifetime of a business, 39% are profitable, 30% break even, and 30% lose money, a slim 1% lie in the "unable to determine" group. That’s considerably fewer than half of all businesses that are making reasonable profits.
Sales Management is one of the most critical and difficult positions to fill within the company.  Developing and leading a talented sales team to continual success is an almost overwhelming task.  It requires a creative, fearless and driven individual to assure sustained success.

Training the Sales Manager
While sales training is often available for the astute company, it is often very difficult to find comprehensive training for the highly valuable position of Sales Manager. Many companies assume that the position is almost self-explanatory and requires no continuous education. This is a disastrous assumption. In fact, if the Sales Manager is not properly trained and motivated, much of that expensive sales training will have little effect on your business.
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