Hello Again -

Now that all of us at Aqua Pool & Patio have had a chance to gain our thoughts and try to absorb all the wonderful information we were fortunate to hear at your two-day seminar here in CT, I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work.

Like many "managers" and other people trying to do better each day, I have attended many "sales" seminars. Some have been within our industry, others from different fields. None have been as applicable or well presented as yours.

I have spoken with our sales department, service managers, lead service technicians and construction managers and all of them stated to me that the time in your seminar was simply great. Everyone felt like the discussion were directed at them specifically and they walked away with concrete examples of how they could improve themselves and their job productivity.

I have never retained the services of a "private" sales trainer before and was hesitant to do so as I was unsure if it would be worth the cost. I must say that it was worth every penny.

That's it. Just wanted to make sure you know that all of us thought the seminar was great. It was informative, applicable and fun. Hopefully we will see you here in Connecticut in the near future.

Thank you.

Michael Giannamore
Vice President
Aqua Pool & Patio

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