Definition of an Investment?

Let’s begin by answering this question in financial terms, because it helps make it easier to appreciate.  A financial investment simply means limiting present income in favor of future, greater income.  This definition can also be used in terms other than strictly financial.  For example, an investment can be limiting present time in favor of future, greater time.  We will limit time with our family, friends and hobbies now for the opportunity of more quality time with each in the future.  By the way, isn’t this why we all work so hard; to have a greater time later in life?

It is much the same for business owners and managers.  One of our primary goals in business is to prosper and succeed financially.  The correct word is profit, because profit is what comes after all expenses are subtracted from the income we are able to generate.  This means that we must be focused, to some degree, on consistently increasing income and profits within our business.  In order to accomplish this we need to consistently make aggressive, insightful investment decisions all the time.  Invest.  Train them.

Reason Number 1

Your Price Is Too High.

Have you ever heard this from a prospect?  How about from members of your own sales team?  If so, the reason for this objection is most likely because the prospect (or salesperson) does not see any difference in value between your product or service from a less expensive, competing product or service.  If this has ever happened, you have only two choices; your sales team must learn to increase the value of the benefits of your product in the eyes of the prospect - or you will have to take less money.  Train them.

Reason Number 2

Your Price Is Too High.

No, you are not seeing (or reading) double.  It is highly unlikely that you are, or ever will be, offering the lowest priced products and services in your market area.  There is almost always someone willing to do it for less than you.  If this is the case, we will show you that, with a little bit of effort, it is actually easier to justify a higher price than a lower price.  We will show you and your sales team how.  Train them.

Reason Number 3

To Create Income.

The wise old man who reportedly once said “Ain’t nothin’ happenin’ ‘till somethins’ sold, was right on!  Something needs to be sold if we are to generate income and only then, profits.  That sale may be hard goods such as a house, swimming pool, automobile, watch or a towel.  It may be a more intangible item such as an idea, concept or insurance policy.  Whatever you are excited about creating must first be sold if you are to benefit financially.  Period.

Who then generates these necessary sales?  Salespeople, of course.   Train them.

Reason Number 4

It’s Tough Out There.  Each Lead Is Expensive And Critical.

The economy has changed dramatically.  In many areas, leads are not as plentiful as they have been in the recent past.  Each and every lead is expensive to acquire.  Each opportunity to make a sales presentation has become precious.  Basic sales skills have eroded.  You need a competitive edge.  Train them.

Reason Number 5

To Recruit and Maintain the Best Salespeople.

The best salespeople will eventually find the company that offers the best opportunity for their success.  Make that your company.    

A survey of the country’s best-managed companies found that these organizations had improved employee retention by 1) Increasing communication (67 percent) 2) Offering more training (55 percent) 3) Enhancing career development (46 percent) 4) Expanding recognition programs (44 percent).  Source: “Employee Retention in the REIT Industry,” William Ferguson, Real Estate Finance, Spring 2001.  Train them.

Reason Number 6

You Really Have No Choice.

Think about it; seriously.  Every penny that has ever been invested into your business to this point in time is in the hands of your salesperson each and every time he meets a prospect.  Every penny; each prospect.  Invest your money where it is most likely to yield the fastest and highest return.  Into your sales team.  Train them.  

Reason Number 7

Because your Competition Probably Won’t.

Take advantage of the lack of understanding that your competition probably has about the nature of business.  When leads and sales slow, most will look helplessly to the economy as the culprit and complain, complain, complain.  They are not likely to understand that the primary source of business income is generated by the salesperson and sales management.  Take the advantage.  Train them.

Reason Number 8

It’s Too Expensive To Reinvent The Wheel.  Again and Again.
For many, the prospect of remaining successful in difficult market conditions is intimidating at best.  Finding a way through various options can be difficult and certainly time consuming.  And excess time is just what you don’t have.  Take a short cut and learn from the experts; Fortune Magazine’s 2002 list of 10 best companies to work for showed that these firms devoted 67 hours of training per employee per year.  Train them.

Reason Number 9

Its guaranteed. 

That’s right, you have my personal guarantee.  You will experience positive results.  No excuses.  No risk.  The only remaining question is, “how important is your most valuable business asset to you?”  Train them.
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