Application of motivation
Many of us have attended those seminars that roll into town for a day or two with several high profile and highly paid speakers who seek to inspire us with their tales of success. While this type of inspiration is certainly a good thing, after a few days most of those stories have faded and we are left with a feeling of emptiness. Sort of a ‘let down’. This is because while they may inspire, they often do not motivate.

Turning Inspiration to Motivation

Inspiration creates an excitement that increases our level of expectation. Adding value (knowledge) to inspiration creates motivation. Motivation takes that level of expectation and causes someone to do something with it. It allows inspiration to ‘grow legs’ and travel. It creates the opportunity to implement the inspiration to be used in practical, immediate ways to positively affect the bottom line.

The need for motivation

Many business owners and managers believe that the life blood of business is money or profit.  It is true, of course, that without profit, businesses will fail.  Profit (money) is the result of successful business activity.  Motivation is the catalyst to that success and dictates the amount of profit that will be achieved.  In other words, highly motivated people will always outpace and outperform those with little motivation or low morale.
Just as a goal without a time limit is nothing but a dream, motivation without a goal is nothing but frustration.  Motivation is the force that makes us ‘take action’.  That action must be directed toward a well defined goal if a reasonable expectation of success is to follow.  If we are motivated to do ‘something’ and have no clear objective of the motivation, we will not be able to experience the true power and reward that motivation can bring to our lives.  We can help you better direct .

The need for continuing, positive motivation
Motivation facilitates action.  Taking action is the one critical step to all success.  Taking action again and again is persistence, which drives all long-term success.  Anything of any lasting value is first fueled by motivation then fired by action.  People who are powerfully and continually motivated are the most powerful force in business.  Is your team powerfully motivated?  Would you like them to be?
Seminars & keynotes
We will design seminars and keynote addresses to fit your particular business and situation. We will deliver insightful, valuable and motivating presentations that will entertain and provoke action. Don’t wait.

 Where to begin?
Take action. Do something. Now! Sales training, sales manager training, business development, seminars, keynotes, motivation. It all must begin with action. Your action. Do something to invest into your business. Contact us. Don’t wait. It’s guaranteed.

Just as an FYI, I was salesman of the month ... with 6 sales... not bad for this time of year.. I attribute it to all the great techniques we learned during your class… Selling “VALUE” I believe has really made a difference…I really thought as a whole it was a great opportunity not only for seasoned sales people but for new people in the industry as well.. I have really added to my own style and presentation many of your techniques and they all seem to be working great. I can’t wait for spring/summer when the season is in full force and see how my numbers improve. D.L., Dallas, TX © 2012